See Kate Middleton Assembles Her Squad for Birthday Weekend

When they’re not royal-ing about being primo royalty, the British Monarchy have plenty of other normal people stuff to do. Whether it’s Harry meeting the South African president, playing football-slash-soccer, or chilling with Harry Styles or Kate Middleton and Prince William taking their two-year-old son George to pre-school, taking photos of their children, or becoming more sensitive souls who cry at everything. Royals are more like us than normal celebrities!

Royals even celebrate those things called birthdays and America’s favorite British Royal Kate Middleton turned 34 yesterday. While it appears she opted for a more low-key celebratory route, that didn’t stop her from assembling the Royal squad to kick it back in Sandringham Castleto mark the 100th anniversary of the final withdrawal from The Gallipoli Peninsula. Attendees included her parents Carol and James, her grandmother-in-law aka the Queen, her grandfather-in-law, her husband Prince William, and her sister Pippa Middleton and her boyfriend’s beard.

sourcekate middleton


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