5 amazing gifts for this valentine

Romantic-Valentines-Day-Gifts-for-Hervallif you really want to make  her happy this   valentine’s day then you have come to the right place, just follow this steps below and you will thank me because i know it will work for you just the way it workout for my friends.

Chocolate and flowers are great, but if you’re looking to really wow the No. 1 woman in your life this Valentine’s Day, you’re going to have to think outside of the heart-shaped box. Before Feb. 14 rolls around, consider gifting your wife, girlfriend or fiancée one of the following five gift ideas below for the 2016 holiday

  1. Himalayan salt lamp (This looks cool and it diffuses a fresh smell throughout the room!) therefore when ever she opens her room and breath in she will always remember you
  2. Romantic game of taste: Blindfold her eyes and let her taste different kinds of chocolate and make her guess what she just taste
  3. Record a love song with your own voice and you have to make it a real creative then send it to her through the social media platforms e.g Whatsapp, facebook e.t.c
  4. Jewellery (a necklace, cuff link or a nice ring)
  5. Trip to a museum or zoo or aquarium, or even whale watching.     at the end of the day you can give her a very warm french kiss**

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